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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs do you offer?
We offer a Preschool program (9:00am-2:00pm) and Extended day Program (7:00am - 5:45pm). 


What are my choices in days my child can attend?

We offer 3 choices: Monday-Friday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and Tuesday/Thursday. 

Does your program follow the school calendar?

Our preschool Program (9:00am-2:00pm)  will follow the Knox County school calendar with a few exceptions. Our extended care program (7:00am-5:45pm) does not follow the Knox County School Calendar and will be open year around with a few exceptions. We provide a detailed caleander to all parents at the time of enrollment and each year.

How do I get on the waitlist? 

Please fill out the interest inquiry form one this page of our website: Farragut Campus | Camp Big Fish A member of our leadership team with contact you via email to schedule a tour and help answer any questions you may have. You must take a tour to be considered for a spot. You do not have to pay a fee to be placed on the waitlist. The waitlist is good for one year only, August-July. 

I have taken a tour and want to sign my child up at Big Fish academy. what is the next steps?

Once a spot for your child is open for your child, a member of the leadership team will reach out to you to confirm you want the spot. If you decide to take the spot, then a registration link and detailed email will be sent to you to start the registration process. once you fill out the registration form, you will be emailed a link to pay your registration fee. Once your registration fee is paid, then you will receive another email with the parent handbook and some other important information to sign. Once this is completed, a member of the leadership team will email you with your start date, teacher's name, and other important details. 

What is the tuition rates? 

All tuition rates are located on the this page of our website, Farragut Campus | Camp Big Fish

What fees do I have to pay besides tuition? 

A Registration fee is due at time of registration. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Registration fees are $100 per child per school year  due at time of registration if the child is attending August-May only. A Registration fee of $150 per child per school year due at time of registration if the child is attending year around (August-July). Registration fees help cover the cost of classroom equipment, staff training, administrative costs, office supplies and printing, technology, and cleaning cost. 

A $75 Academic Fee (2-5 year olds)/Supply Fee (Infant-Toddlers) is due every August or at enrollment for every child. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. This fee covers the cost of classroom/student supplies and curriculum.

Is there a supply list? 

Yes, there is a small supply list for each classroom. These are items that are specific to each classroom/age group. You will be emailed this list at the time of registration. 

What are the staff hiring and training procedures?

At Big Fish academy, we want to hire the best person for your child and our company. Our leadership team is constantly interviewing and searching for quality applicants. Once we have found the right person, we ask that person to complete a background check and fingerprinting. We collect multiple references as well. Our staff is then asked to complete various trainings including CPR and First aid. We like to have our new staff follow multiple seasoned staff for quality training and hands on learning and training. 

Are you a licensed preschool?

yes, we are a licensed preschool thru the state of TN and follow all guidelines. A summary of those guidelines will be emailed to you at the time of registration and the full rules and regulations can be found here:

How do I pay for tuition/fees? 

We offer multiple ways to pay. We can set up on an autodraft program, you can use our online payment portal, or you can pay via check or cc at the school. 

What is the contact information for leadership?


Assistant Director:

Office manager:


Owners: or

General Questions:

How do you handle allergies and dietary restrictions? 

We are very aware and cautious with all allergies. during the registration process, you will document any allergies and allergy actions plans including medications. we will partner with you in making sure that your child is safe at all times. any required medication needed will needed to be checking into the leadership team on the child's first day of our program. 

What are your child to staff ratios? 

Infants 4:1

Toddlers 6:1

2 year olds 7:1

3 year olds 9:1

4 year olds 13:1

5year olds 16:1

What curriculum do you use? 

We use the Creative Curriculum. Learn all about it via this link:

How old does my child have to be to enroll?

We enroll children 6 weeks of age to 5 years old. 

Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend?

Your child must be potty trained to be enrolled in the 3, 4, or 5 year old classrooms. Children must be self-sufficient in all toileting hygiene matters, including wiping. We understand children may have an occasional accident.

Are meals included?
A breakfast and an afternoon snack are included for our Extended day program children (7:00am-5:45pm). Breakfast is served at 7:30am and snack is served at 2:30pm. 

What should my child wear?

Children should be dressed in comfortable, practical play clothes, and dressed for the weather. The children may get dirty. Please plan ahead for your child to be outside everyday. 

Can I bring in a treat for my child’s birthday?

You may provide a treat for birthdays and be asked to furnish food for themes or holiday celebrations. If you wish to bring a special treat for your child’s birthday, please make prior arrangement with the teachers. They will know the number of children in the class and any food allergies that must be considered.

What do I do if my child needs to have an early dismissal or will be arriving late to the program? 

We ask that you email us at and let us know if you will be late or be picking up early. We like for all students to be on campus by 9am. Arriving late is disruptive but we understand that this may happen from time to time. We also like for the students to be on campus until 2pm, but understand that appointments and such will occur. Just communicate with us and we will be more than happy to accommodate you. 

How does Big Fish Academy leadership and teachers communicate to parents?

Teachers and Leadership are always available to speak with parents about any concern, and a parent may request a meeting with their child’s teachers at any time. Dropping off or picking up can be a busy time for staff. We encourage you to make an appointment so that undivided attention may be given to you. Teachers will communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress and milestones being reached. Additionally, each child is sent home with a form daily that communicates how the child enjoyed school, as well as the activities of the child’s day. Each year in the spring, teachers evaluate their students’ progress through assessments which accompany parent-teacher conferences. Leadership emails a monthly newsletter and detailed email with what is going on that particular month. Big Fish academy also used the Remind app to communicate to all parents. 

Do you offer a summer program?

Yes, we are open year around. 

What if there is an emergency?

Accidents sometimes happen at preschool. Our staff members hold certification in CPR and First Aid. In the event of an emergency, they will administer those skills appropriately. We will notify you of any action taken and contact you as soon as accident/illness report will be written up and given to you and a copy will remain with your child’s records. If there is an emergency such as fire, tornado, etc, we will provide safety and security for the children and staff and as soon as possible contact all parents via the remind. The staff and the children participate in monthly fire and specialty drills in preparation. 

What happens if my child gets sick during the day?
Big Fish Academy has a strict illness policy. If your child falls ill during the day then you will be contacted to pick up your child as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, your child will be separated from the children and made comfortable until you arrive. If your child is sent home early then he/she must be kept home for a full day (24 hours) and may return only when the symptoms are no longer present. You may be asked to provide a doctor’s note stating that the child is well enough to return to the program. 

Someone else is picking up my child. What do I do? 

If someone else is picking up your child, you must inform Big Fish Academy leadership in writing at The email must detailing your plans, including the name of the person you are authorizing to pick-up your child and the date of its effectiveness. Please inform any escorts that we will check picture IDs to ensure they are authorized to pick-up your child. We will not send a child home with someone we do not know. At the time of registration, you can put multiple people on the authorized to pick up list for your child. 

Can my child bring special toys into the classroom?

Big Fish Academy provides toys that are age appropriate in each classroom. we ask that your child does not bring toys to school unless asked to do so by the teacher for a special event such as show and tell, etc.  Although we try to monitor children’s belongings, our main concern is the safety and engagement of our students. we cannot guarantee the security of any child’s belongings and will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

How often do you clean the rooms and toys?
All of our classrooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily by an outside cleaning company. Each classroom is cleaned through out the day, before and after an activity, before and after eating, etc.  If a teacher sees a child cough, sneeze, or put a toy in their mouth, the toy goes directly into the sink in the classroom to be cleaned and sanitized. Highchairs and changing tables are disinfected after each use.


What security measures are in place to protect my child?

At Big Fish Academy, the safety and security of your child and our staff are a number one priority. Our building is locked at every entrance and cameras are located through out the property. We only allow people we know inside the building. We practice intruder drills with our staff and children often. 

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