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Come Join the Fun! 

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At the heart of our camp program are the individuals who have energy, enthusiasm, and the desire and ability to work with children.  Each year we select only the most qualified and mature staff members to work with our campers.  This dynamic group of individuals will be responsible for your child’s safety as well as his/ her fun.  We take great pride in saying we have the best staff in the area.


Summer Camp Employees work Monday-Friday for 10-11 weeks. We are open from 7:15am- 6pm. Staff works 8.5 hour staggered shifts (7-4:30, 8-5:30, 9-6:30, etc). Each counselor will have a group of 10-12 campers divided by grade that are your campers for the summer. Expect to have fun!!

Counselors worship, play sports, create art, sing songs, examine science clubs, etc. All counselors will constantly be interacting with the campers throughout the day.  You will LOVE getting to know your kids and group. You will go on all of our field trips and swimming days with your group.  We encourage all staff to bring a Bible to work.

Come be apart of the Best Summer Ever at Camp Big Fish (Believers In God, Faithful In Serving Him)

Apply today!!!

If you are interested in joining the staff at Camp Big Fish, please fill out the form linked above. (Click the yellow box)

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