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Big Fish Afterschool: Mt Juliet, TN

  Grace United Methodist Church

    2905 N. Mt Juliet Rd


At Big Fish Afterschool, kids engage in physical, educational, imaginative, and spiritual activities.  We start every afternoon with praise and worship time, then rotate into homework, snack, and recreation time.


• Grades K-6th

 • Monday - Friday on regular school days only (not open on 1/2 days, holidays, scheduled school days off, or inclement weather days)


Tuition and Registration

Registration Fee (one time non refundable fee) per child:

May and June 2020: $40

July 2020: $55

August 2020 and beyond: $75


Weekly Fees starting August 1st 2020

1 to 2 days a week: Cost $45 per child

3-4 days a week: $75 per child

5 days a week: $95 per child


All tuition is due by Monday of the current week attending or 1st day attending that week.  If tuition rolls to 2nd day attending of given week, there will be a $10 late fee that will be need to be included.  If tuition is not paid and rolls to the following week, please note that pick up for afterschool could be suspended until tuition is caught up.  No refunds on prepaid tuition or registration fees.


Schools Pick up:

Elzie Patton

Mt Juliet Elementary

WA Wright 

Stoner Creek K-6 (at Mt Juliet Middle)

Why attend Big Fish Afterschool?


Homework Time

Many parents want their child to have a fun and exciting afterschool experience.  We want the kids to play and be involved in our outside recreational and playground time, but we also want the children to have a specific daily time to start their homework.  We have a Homework Time Program where the children will get to start their homework and have an experienced counselor there to answer questions and help them.  Every student will have 20-25 minutes Monday-Thursday to work on their Homework.  We will encourage the students to focus and stay on task and be there to answer questions if needed.


Kids are Spiritually Fed Daily

We start every afternoon with singing, devotions, and praise and worship.  We encourage and lead the children with the different devotions through games, skits, music, art, etc.  Parents rave about getting to hear their children recite and sing our weekly memory verses and songs on the ride home from afterschool.


Experienced Counselors and Structure

We hire only experienced counselors to help lead your child through out the afternoon.  The counselor will have a weekly schedule that breaks down exactly what activity is planned whether it is a sports activity, homework help, playground time, arts and crafts, etc.  We plan everything down to the 30 minute block.  Kids need the organized structure and it also helps ensure every child gets ample time to play and work on homework.


Payment Flexibility

We offer multiple types of payment plans to help with every type of Family situation.  Some families just need a few days a week, while others need the afterschool program everyday that it is open.  We have it broken down by weekly and daily rates to help with both.   Look over the rates below and see what is best for your family.



We start the day by picking up the children in our 12 or 15 passenger Big Fish Afterschool Van as school lets out.  Either our director or assistant director will be driving the van and we place a counselor at the school location to take attendance and guide the children to the pick up point.  We have spoken with each principal at the schools and have a designated place for the Big Fish Afterschool children to wait for the van to arrive to pick them up.  There will be more info about times, specific location, pick up cards, etc in our Afterschool handbook.

At this present time, due to our current staffing, training, and cost structures, we unfortunately, are not able to accept

children with special needs and/or disabilities and/or any child that would require constant one on one care from a staff member (including extreme discipline issues, bathroom help, etc). For information about possible camps in your area that do accept special needs campers, please email:

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