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Summer Camp  Testimonials

KCS: Today is my sons 1st day of summer camp. He was so shy. The lady that checked us in was super nice and made us feel welcomed. Then, the sweetest thing. A little girl came to Josiah and introduced herself and asked does he want to be friends.

MJ: I appreciate all you have done for the children.  They love your counselors and activities.  Your camp has been such a blessing

Oolt: Thank you for all you guys have done this summer for her She has had a great time

EB: He has once again LOVED attending camp this summer! Thank you for such a great summer program!

Hix: really appreciate all you and each counselor and each member of leadership is doing to make this summer camp possible. The themes and activities are so creative and have really helped to give Thomas so many things to look forward to this summer

Oolt: Thank you for a great summer and we’ll see y’all next summer!

KCS: Our 2 kids had so much fun during the summer!

EB: We can’t thank you enough for another wonderful summer!

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